April 26-28, 2019

Join KoboldCon and game stores from across the Front Range for the largest gaming convention in Colorado Springs!
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Chapel Hills Event Center
1710 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80920
Friday 4pm - Midnight (VIG Only) | Saturday 8am - Midnight | Sunday 8am - 6pm
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Get Your Badge!

Get access to KoboldCon for Saturday and Sunday!!
  • ONE tournament
  • Vendor Hall
  • Unlimited Gaming
  • Free Access to Board Game Library!

THE BEST option for casual gaming all weekend!


Become a Kobold Chieftain!

Add Friday night gaming to your schedule! In addition to Saturday and Sunday!!
Also Includes:
  • KoboldCon T-Shirt
  • 1 Week Early Registration
  • 30 Minutes Early Access to Vendor Hall!
  • TWO tournaments
  • Unlimited Gaming
  • Free Access to Board Game Library!
  • Chieftain SWAG Bag!
Great Wyrm

Go Great Wyrm!
Only 50 Available!

The fearsome Great Wyrm badge is all-access, all weekend. Come hang out on Friday afternoon and meet our special guests!
Also Includes:
  • Invitation to Thursday Night Cocktail Hour w/ Special Guests
  • KoboldCon Great Wyrm T-Shirt
  • Up to 2 Special Events included
  • 2 Weeks Early Registration
  • 1 Hour Early Access to Vendor Hall!
  • Unlimited tournaments
  • Unlimited Gaming
  • Free Access to Board Game Library!
  • Great Wyrm SWAG Bag!

Go Tiamat!
Up to 10 Available!

The Queen of the Abyss sees all and knows all...and so will you! Your Convention Experience starts on Thursday Night with all our available Special Guests!
Also Includes:
  • Invitation to Thursday Dinner w/ Special Guests
  • Thursday Night Cocktail Hour w/ Special Guests
  • KoboldCon Tiamat T-Shirt
  • Up to 4 Special Events included
  • 3 Weeks Early Registration
  • 1 Hour Early Access to Vendor Hall!
  • Unlimited tournaments
  • Unlimited Gaming
  • Free Access to Board Game Library!
  • Tiamat SWAG Bag!



Get Your Passes!

Children 12 and Under are FREE - they must be accompanied by an adult, and may not enter non-Kid RPGs without an adult present.
Day Pass

Get Your Passes!

Just interested in checking out the Vendor Hall or maybe see the stage events? Are you coming with a gamer, but do not want to game yourself? The Event Visitor Pass gets you into the venue for just $5!!
Day Pass

Get Your Passes!

Get a Saturday or Sunday day pass to KoboldCon! This badge includes access to all tabletop gaming! Enjoy access to both the Vendors Hall and Gaming Hall all day!

About Us

Sean Patrick Fannon and the crew from Bitfaced playing Savage Worlds: Freedom Squadron

Gaming in Colorado Springs!

KoboldCon is the largest annual gaming convention in Colorado Springs, bringing in hundreds of gamers of all types including all types of role-playing games like Pathfinder and D&D Adventure League, competitive and collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Netrunner, and Destiny, minature combat gaming such as X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Bloodbowl, and Warmachine, and board games of all types and styles.

Our family friendly venue offers a ton of activities for children as well including The Jedi Academy, robotics, 3D-printing, Lego building, Game Design and even role-playing games specifically designed for young children.

Don't miss this premiere, fun-filled event coming back to the Colorado Springs in the spring of 2019!


KoboldCon Supporters and Contributors


Featured Events


Tabletop Gaming

Enjoy tabletop games of all types and flavors! Whether you are looking for traditional or more unique games, KoboldCon has them!



Collectible Card Games (CCG)

Destiny, Magic the Gathering, Netrunner, and more! Play KoboldCon's annual tournaments for many of these games!



Role-Playing Games

Whether you are league player like Adventurers League or Pathfinder Society, or looking for a casual one-shot RPG, KoboldCon has dozens of different titles to chose from!




Cosplay of all types are welcome at KoboldCon! With no restrictions (pending a weapons check) on your costume, some of the best cosplay happens at KoboldCon!



Digital Gaming

Do you play games like Hearthstone or Armello? Come try your skills at KoboldCon with awesome tournament events for several popular titles!



Kids Events

Join the Jedi Academy, build a fantastic Lego project, learn to print in 3D, and so much more. Kids are a huge part of KoboldCon!


Our Team

 KC Rift    

Matt "KC Rift" Everhart

Head Adventurer & Owner

KC Rift has been playing tabletop games for most of his life. A published author and organizer of The Blackmoor Society, KC Rift has a wealth of gaming experience under his belt.

Matt Rowles

Grand Poobah & Convention Manager 

Over a decade of convention experience, event planning, and business management, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to KoboldCon!

Robrecht Berg

Mystical Imperious & Floor Manager

Robrecht is a local and well known artist and cosplayer. He brings decades of leadership and management to the team after more than 20 years in the US Air Force! 


Happy Customers


7/5 with rice! Met so many great gamers and cosplayers, enjoyed some amazing action on the tables and was impressed with the turnout and execution for a first-year Con. Well done, looking forward to next year!

~Doug Lund


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