Alex Kammer

Alex Kammer is a lifelong gamer and a maniac collector. He started playing D&D in 1982 and for that last 20+ years has been playing in a weekly gaming group – The Gamehole. In fact, Alex has probably played in as many 1st edition D&D sessions than just about anyone alive. He also owns one of the most definitive and complete collections of 1st/2nd edition TSR D&D in existence.

Recently, he has become a big fan of 5th edition D&D and that is now his go to D&D system. In fact some know him as the “Flava Flav of 5E”! Alex has written D&D adventures for a number of publishers. His most recent releases were: Trillium: City of Enchantment, from Gamehole Publishing and Adventures in Zelkor’s Ferry, from Frog God Games Both of these were released in the fall of 2018. Alex is also the Director of Gamehole Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest as well as one of the owners of True Dungeon, a live action, immersive, Dungeons & Dragons experience. Alex seems to be an all around okay guy and as far as we know, he has not stolen anything, yet.

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