Our 2018 Cosplay Guests!

Kristi Kai Cosplay (Judge)

Kristi Kai decided to step into the elaborate world of Cosplay in 2013. She enjoys crafting with a wide range of materials and usually focuses on making her characters with non-traditional mediums. She loves wearing the characters she makes, but her true passion lies within the crafting itself. Kristi Kai strives to inspire others to believe in their own talents through teaching others how to craft. Her tutorials have even been featured on Worbla.com! So if you have been thinking about getting into cosplay, make sure to save up your questions and come ask Kristi Kai all about them!


Steve Perkins Cosplay

Steve Perkins is a local Cosplayer nationally known for his Loki portrayal.  Come meet him and trade cosplay tips.

Loralie Cosplay

When you see me, you see a cosplayer, model, and an artist. Someone who is passionate about creating and building beautiful things. Having people to show all of my creations to gives me motivation to do better and make more. I can produce more cosplay content, develop more modeling photos for my portfolio, travel out to cons much more often to see and spend time with you, and even make special gifts for you.

Lexi Divine

Lexi Divine (Divine Dolls Entertainment) is a cosplayer, artist, gamer and model from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s been cosplaying since 2015, has won awards for her cosplays, and loves judging costume contests at events so she can see everyone else’s amazing work! She has begun creating her own original art and collaborates with local artists as well. Come by her table and say hi!

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