Badges available soon!

Petrie's Family Games in Colorado Springs

Join Petrie's Family Games and KoboldCon on
October 21st
for a day of adventure gaming, prizes and Indiana Jones!!

7681 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920


 Schedule (Current as of Sept 27th, 2017)

KoboldCon is happy to honor our exhibitors and dealers in the Dealer Hall during the convention. These vendors typically include artists, game stores, comic book shops, geeky apparel, themed jewelry, and so much more!

KoboldCon features terrific sponsorship opportunities available for your company or group! With an estimated 500 attendees in 2018, which includes tabletop gamers, role-players, coplayers, and collectible hunters of all types! They are all hyped up and searching for the newest products in nerd culture! Located in Colorado Springs, KoboldCon pulls visitors not only from the Greater Denver area, but also as far away as Nevada, Kansas, and New Mexico!

KoboldCon values our volunteer force! We know we cannot put this event on without the dozens of volunteers required to make it work! For your efforts, KoboldCon is happy to offer badge and event discounts - up to and including FREE admission!


  Have any questions? Visit us on Facebook and ask! Facebook.com/KoboldCon