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This awesome hardwood and leather dicebox from Skullsplitter Dice could be yours!!

Other Winners will receive:

- Kobold Company Dice and Coaster Set

Dice and Coaster Set from Kobold Company

- Role4Initiative Dice Tower

Role4Initiative Dice Tower

- Legendary Games "Aethera" Pathfinder Setting

Legendary Games - Aethera Pathfinder Setting

- Total Party Kill Games "Malecfactor" Pathfinder Class

Malefactor Pathfinder Class - Total Party Kill Games

KoboldCon Giveaways  

KoboldCon is Colorado Spring's premiere tabletop gaming convention, presenting a variety of gaming opportunities and related geekery in the Front Range. For our second annual event, we will be located at the Chapel Hills Event Center right in the heart of Colorado Springs. With 30k square feet of space to work with, we are planning an event of EPIC proportions! 

KoboldCon attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend like tabletop games, role-playing games, miniatures, wargames, collectible card games, tournaments - and the vendors! Oh, the Vendor Hall will be one of the largest in the area!

PRE-SALES for badges begins on February 1st! Early Birds get 20 % off their badges!

Early-Bird Badge Sales: February 1st - March 31st
~Get 20% off your badge purchases during the Early Bird window!~



KoboldCon is happy to honor our exhibitors and dealers in the Dealer Hall during the convention. These vendors typically include artists, game stores, comic book shops, geeky apparel, themed jewelry, and so much more!

There are a limited number of exhibitor booths available for KoboldCon 2018, but we will make every effort to accommodate your request and meet your needs!

If you would like to apply for space at KoboldCon, please fill out the Vendor Application form below.  If you have questions about purchasing a booth or any of our policies, please feel free to shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We offer a variety of options vendors, comic book swappers, artists or crafstmen interested in joining us this year at KoboldCon. Vendors returning this year from our first KoboldCon in 2017 are eligible for a 15% discount on their booth!


NOTE: BYO Table - if you are able to bring your own table and chairs along with your setup, we'll give you another $25off your booth!!


By renting a merchant space in the KoboldCon Vendor Hall, Artist Alley, or Comic and Toy Swap (hereafter "Vendor Hall"), the person renting the space (hereafter "vendor") agrees to the following terms and policies. Please read them carefully and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

The Vendor Hall will be located in the first one-half of the KoboldCon spaces as all badge holders and visitors enter the convention. Vendors will have access to the Vendor Hall areas before it is opened to the public at the times listed below. No additional setup will be permitted at the convention after the dealer hall opens on Saturday morning (10am, 12 May, 2018). During the Vendor Hall business hours, the dealer hall will be open for all attendees and will be closed up and secured after hours.

Vendor Hall hours will be as follows (note these hours are subject to change):

  • Friday (Setup Only): 6pm to 10pm
  • Saturday (access at 8am): 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday (access at 8am): 10am to 3pm 

Preferential positioning will be offered to corporate sponsors and promotional partners, but will otherwise be available as selected at the time of purchase.

Layout of the vendor hall may be subject to change without notice. You may configure your booth as you see fit, adding shelves, pipe and drape, kiosks, and so forth, as long as they do not interfere with other vendors' areas or principal visibility.

Full payment is due at the time of purchase to reserve your space. In case of cancellation, contact the marketing director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no guarantee of refund for cancellations made after the closing date, and all vendor refunds will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Cancelled booths will be remitted to the pool of available space at the standard rate. KoboldCon will provide as secure a facility as possible for vendors and artists and Security personnel will be in the area 24 hours a day.

The dealer hall will be secured at the close of the Vendor Hall business day, and the entire facility will be secured after hours.

You are responsible for your own property, merchandise, and money. Please take extra precautions against the possibility of theft. Under no circumstances will Kobold Company, LLC. or the Chapel Hills Event Center or their personnel be liable for loss or damage including (but not limited to) merchandise, equipment, or revenue.

Booths must be attended at all times during Vendor Hall business hours. We have access to electrical outlets throughout the dealer hall, but access goes to Premium Booth renters first.

Let us know if you have any special requests or requirements. Any audio/video equipment must be maintained a low volume to avoid disrupting other business being conducted in the Vendor Hall.

This is not a juried event, but we ask that you be willing to work with us to help minimize competition for similar inventory in the same room.

Under no circumstances will the sale of any weapons to persons under the age of 18 be allowed. Violation of this rule will result in removal from the event without refund.

Weapons must be sheathed or boxed and peace bound at all times.

No firearms or firearm sales will be permitted on site.

The right to sale of general food and beverage items is strictly reserved by KoboldCon. Vendors are allowed to sell concession items only with express permission from KoboldCon.

Sales are strictly between the vendor and the patron. Dealers are responsible for their own taxes, licenses, and permits.

A special room rate will be available in our housing block at a nearby hotel. Details will be announced as they become available.

There are a limited number of vendor spaces available, and applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KoboldCon features terrific sponsorship opportunities available for your company or group! With an estimated 500 attendees in 2018, which includes tabletop gamers, role-players, coplayers, and collectible hunters of all types! They are all hyped up and searching for the newest products in nerd culture! Located in Colorado Springs, KoboldCon pulls visitors not only from the Greater Denver area, but also as far away as Nevada, Kansas, and New Mexico!

KoboldCon values our volunteer force! We know we cannot put this event on without the dozens of volunteers required to make it work! For your efforts, KoboldCon is happy to offer badge and event discounts - up to and including FREE admission!

Volunteer Hours  Badge
4 $10
8 $20
12+ Free Weekend Badge


Ready to Volunteer!? Fill out the following form to give us an idea of how you'd like to help!


Those interested in volunteering for KoboldCon must adhere to ALL of the following policies. Please read them carefully and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

  • Volunteers must be a minimum of 14 years of age. All Minors must provide KoboldCon with a signed Parental Consent, Medical Waiver and Indemnity Agreement. Minors will only be allowed to work up to (6) hours a day.
  • All volunteers must wear their KoboldCon badge while working/attending events at the convention.
  • All volunteers should wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Please refrain from wearing torn or dirty clothing or open-toed shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are best.
  • Children are not allowed to accompany a volunteer during their shift.
  • We ask all volunteers to act in the best interest of KoboldCon by respecting attendees, fellow volunteers and staff, as well as promoting a safe and healthy environment.
  • Volunteers must refrain from any deliberate acts that may create a dangerous or unhealthy situation during KoboldCon. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal drugs, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and assaulting, threatening or disregarding the safety of an individual. If you know of anyone who is exhibiting dangerous or risky behavior, please report to KoboldCon staff or security immediately.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to use their volunteer status to promote or conduct personal business. Anyone caught doing so will be escorted off the premises and have their badge revoked WITHOUT refund.
  • Volunteers should not use their volunteer status to engage exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, or hotel personnel to gain access to special deals or treatment.
  • Volunteers are responsible for making their own housing and travel arrangements.
  • There are a limited number of volunteer positions available, and applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis.  




  Have any questions? Visit us on Facebook and ask! Facebook.com/KoboldCon