Michael Surbrook

Michael Surbrook got his game developer feet wet by creating Kazei 5 for the HERO System back in 1999. Since then he’s written material for BlackWyrm games (Kazei 5 2nd Edition, Larger Than Life), D3 Adventures, Fantasy Flight Games (assorted Dark Heresyand Rogue Trader products), Hero Games (Asian Bestiary I & II, Fantasy Hero Complete, Ninja Hero), and High Rock Press (Aaron Allston’s Strike Force), and contributed some ideas to Savage Worlds Weird War I. Oh, and if you look hard enough, you’ll find some of this drawings in old issues of Autoduel Quarterly and GURPS Humanix.

Currently, Michael is seeking to expand his development skills by working with Evil Beagle to produce products for several popular game systems. This line, to be titled “Michael Surbrook Presents” will consist of articles and booklets of various sizes covering whatever Michael thinks is interesting. The first of these, titled “The Grand Melee” will look at medieval tournaments and how you can use them to add color and excitement to your fantasy games. After that Michael hopes to produce material on atomic monsters, haunted locations, middle ages law, coins and currency, alien races, and a host of other subjects.

You can find more about Michael by visiting his webpage, which he readily admits is sadly in need of an overhaul, finding him on Facebook, or simply watching this space (http://www.evilbeaglegames.com/about-the-beagle/ ).


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